Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Resco - Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics

If you need to create mobile clients for Dynamics CRM, this is a complete solution to do that, is called Resco (http://www.resco.net/MobileCRM/).

I am currently learning how to use it and to develop with its SDK, I will try to set a tutorial when I have learned it.

6 Key reasons why Resco Mobile CRM
is the best solution in the market

1 - Best features, always ahead of its competitors

Mobility has been a key specialization for Resco since 1999. We have worked with over 3,500 customers on their various mobile projects. We are pioneers in this fast growing segment with the most experience in mobile software from the consumer, developer and business perspective. This is the main reason why Resco Mobile CRM is the best featured and technologically the most rapidly evolving mobile CRM solution in the world.

2 - Flexibility with frequent updates

We listen to our partners and customers and realize most of their suggestions in a reasonable timeframe. We usually release at least 4 major releases a year while all major releases bring significant new features. In the meantime there are many updates and bug fixes based on the requests from our customers, so they have a fix available in hours or days, instead of months or years.

3 - Platform independent solution with consistent UI

All competitive products have been developed for each mobile platform separately. This resulted in multiple effort and the final applications have huge differences in UI and supported features.
Instead of that, Resco has used its platform independent technology and only one developer team concentrating on CRM features instead of dealing with platform specific issues. This resulted in significantly lower development time needed, and the final application has the same UI and supported features on all mobile platforms.

4 - Assurance, the only SDK with source code

Although our solution provides the same configurator tool allowing configuration of the mobile app as all other competitors, Resco Mobile CRM is the only solution which can provide its customers also with a platform independent SDK. This .NET based developer platform allows unlimited customizations of the mobile app and can be understood also as a customer assurance. Thanks to this tool, our customers become independent from Resco, the solution vendor, since they can make any changes or add new features anytime they need them.

5 - HTML5, the future technology is already available

While the others only speak, Resco acts. Resco Mobile CRM is the only solution in its segment with real support of HTML5. Thanks to this promising technology we allow our partners and customers to extend the UI and functionality of Resco Mobile CRM by web technologies and designs.

6 - Rapid deployment, no middleware

Resco Mobile CRM doesn´t require any server component to be installed on the CRM server, which significantly simplifies the solution installation and setup. Instead of that, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web Services are used, which allow straightforward and secure integration of the mobile app with the CRM server. Customers only download the mobile app and sync it with their Microsoft Dynamics CRM. All customizations performed with Resco configurator are downloaded during the synchronization and applied automatically to the mobile app, which updates its UI and behavior immediately.

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